Love Without Boundaries

 At Tzu Chi, we uphold the view that we are all one family. Our mission and programs express a global and interfaith perspective that embraces the truth that love has no boundaries.


Elmhurst Fire Relief

After a ferocious blaze raced through an apartment building in Elmhurst, New York, relief volunteers quickly sprung to aid affected residents.


Revisiting Haiti

When Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti, our volunteers provided aid. Follow our long-term mission here.


“Thousands of Helping Hands

Embracing Harmony in Dallas” Charity Art Performance. Join us!


A Global Gathering

Our #EmbraceAll global gathering offers the opportunity for people to share their vision of humanity as one family and express support for refugees and immigrants.





We started with 30 women who saved 2 cents daily while making a vow to help others.

Over 50 years ago, housewives inspired by Master Cheng Yen’s vow to serve others joined her mission of love by donating from their humble grocery fund.



By giving every day, we can create a mighty ocean of love.

Giving awakens love and kindness in our hearts and casts an infinite ripple of good across the world. Let’s do it daily.

From a recipient of blessings, become the giver.

We can all discover aspects of our lives to be grateful for. Let’s turn gratitude to generosity, because everyone has the capacity to give.




By giving, we have the power to change the world.


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