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Supporting Schoolchildren

The World of Tzu Chi     |    March 8, 2017 by Central Region

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Kids are our future, but for many underprivileged families, providing for all their needs can be a struggle. We are committed to helping schoolchildren thrive, and provide support through a variety of charity activities and programs in our communities.


Since 2005, we have given out 75,000 uniforms to students from disadvantaged families in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our distributions take place directly in schools, and are a welcome event that is greatly appreciated by teachers, parents, and the children who love to get new things, especially since they can seem like a luxury for these families.

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Each year since 2005, we also participate in the yearly Dallas Mayor's Back to School Fair in August, distributing school supplies in addition to uniforms. The fair is a vital event for low-income families, and parents, along with their kids, will begin to line up and wait starting from as early as 3:00 AM.

These events and distributions are also an opportunity for our volunteers to introduce the principle of giving. Learning that the gifts they received are thanks to the generosity of families just like theirs, the young students will happily take home a bamboo bank so they can begin to save in order to benefit others in need.

That’s the essence of our efforts on behalf of underprivileged schoolchildren: To provide for their immediate needs while in school, and to plant the seeds of generosity, compassion, and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

To support our humanitarian aid missions, please join our 2017 “Thousands of Helping Hands” art performance charity tour. Find an event near you!

With your support, we can maintain and expand our programs to help an increasing number of disadvantaged children.