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All Upcoming/ 2018 Northwest Region Environmental Conservation: Love the Earth Children’s Summer Camp | 2018 北加州分會『環保愛大地』兒童戲劇夏令營
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2018 Northwest Region Environmental Conservation: Love the Earth Children’s Summer Camp | 2018 北加州分會『環保愛大地』兒童戲劇夏令營


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July 23, 2018 · Monday

9:00 am - 3:30 pm

San Jose Office
2355 Oakland Road

San Jose, CA 95131


Tzu Chi San Jose is hosting its very first Summer Camp.
Space is limited so sign up today!

When | 活動時間

7.23.2018 – 8.3.2018

(Weekdays only | 星期六日不上課)

9:00 AM – 3:30 PM PDT

Where | 活動地點

Tzu Chi San Jose (Northwest Region)

2355 Oakland Road, San Jose, CA95131
TEL: 408.457.6969
Email: tzuchi.summercamp@gmail.com


Registration Deadline | 報名截止日


Space is limited on first come first serve basis. 


Registration Qualifications

9 years old to 12 years old (4th – 7th graders)


年滿9歲~12歲 (小學四年級到七年級)

Enrollment Capacity

two classes, 10-12 students each



Registration Process

After registering online, you will receive a confirmation email with payment information. Please complete the payment within seven days or else you are deemed forfeiting your spot.




Tuition $500,Material Fee $80。Early bird discount 10% off applies if registered before the end of April. Siblings discount 10% for the second child enrolled


學費 $500,材料費 $80。四月底前報名繳費打九折。同一家庭第二位孩子報名繳費打九折。

Program Objectives

To develop children’s body language and stimulate their performance potential through drama classes, intergrading environmental science, vegetarian cooking and earth conservation concepts. The children will experience the joy of sharing and learn to appreciate, respect and love all beings by participating activities.


藉由戲劇課程,結合環保科學、心素食儀、保護地球的觀念,開發豐富孩子們的肢體語言、激發孩子們的表演潛力,「做中學、學中覺、覺中悟」, 在團體活動中樂於分享、省思。讓孩子們在活動課程中對人、事、物學會「感恩、尊重、愛」。

Our Program

Environmental Science Magician

Learning how to make enzymes and tea dye by recycling and reuse materials to encourage children to be environmental friendly in daily life.

Vegetarian Art of Cooking

Learning how to use kitchenware properly to make nutritious vegetarian food, also dining etiquette.

Children’s Theater

Learning how to make props, costumes, and perform on stage with the concept of environmental conservation and vegetarian cooking








Summer Camp Rules

  1. Daily arrival time is 8:45 – 9:00 AM. Please pick up your child between 3:30 –3:45PM. Late pick up fee will be charged after 3:45 PM, $1 each minute increment. Please make payment to the teacher on duty upon arrival, a receipt will be provided.
  2. Full refund minus a $50 processing fee will be issued if refund requested before 7/10. No refund allowed after 7/10
  3. Please submit Release of Liability and Assumptions of Risk Agreement and Emergency Information & Authorization for Treatment form on the first day of camp to prevent delay in completing the registration process.
  4. Each child will be provided two uniforms. Please wear uniform to camp every day with closed toed shoes
  5. Please prepare environment-friendly utensils: bowl, chopsticks, fork, spoon, cup and label them with your child’s name.
  6. Due to the summer heat, please apply sunscreen for your child to prevent sunburns and remind your child to stay hydrated.
  7. For safety concerns, only parents can sign in and sign out for the children. Children can’t sign themselves out.
  8. If your child has a severe cold, fever and infectious diseases during camp, please have your child stay home and inform us by calling our office.
  9. If your child misbehaves or loses control during camp, we will contact the parents to discuss the situation of the child. If the child’s behavior or emotional problems don’t improve, the parents will be informed of the withdrawal after discussion by the Education Team, and the prorated tuition will be refunded.
  10. Please don’t allow your child to bring valuables such as cell phones, electronic products, and excessive cash. We will not be responsible for your loss, damage nor disputes during camp.
  11. One week prior to the camp, parents will receive various notices with more details.


  1. 每日報到時間為早上8:45~9:00。請家長下午3:30~3:45務必將孩子接回家。若超過時間, 仍未見您來接孩子回家, 我們將執行收費的規定,每超過一分鐘以$1.00計算,以此類推,並請於當日付予值勤老師,我們會開收據給您。
  2. 報名繳費後,因故不克參加,7/10前申請退費,酌收手續費$50元。7/10後 則恕不退費。
  3. 第一天報到時應繳免責任及醫療授權書,否則將無法完成報名手續。
  4. 每位小朋友有兩件制服,若制服太大,家長可以自行修改。每天必須穿制服來會所上課,並請穿著包頭運動鞋。
  5. 請自備環保餐具:環保碗、環保筷(叉、匙)、環保杯 (水壺)。並請於環保餐具上貼上孩子的姓名。
  6. 由於夏日炎熱請家長於上課前為孩子塗抹防曬油以免曬傷,並提醒孩子要多喝水。
  7. 為了安全考量責任問題,請家長每天早上替孩子簽到及下午簽退,不可由小孩自行代理簽名。
  8. 在上課期間,孩子若有嚴重感冒、發燒及傳染病,請讓孩子在家休息,並打電話到會所請假。
  9. 上課期間,若孩子有不當行為,或情緒失控,我們會跟家長聯絡討論孩子情況。若孩子行為或情緒問題一直無法改善,經教育組討論後會通知家長辦理退團,並退還未完成課程之剩餘學費。
  10. 上課期間,請勿讓孩子攜帶貴重物品,如手機、電動玩具等3C產品及過多的零用錢,若發生遺失、損毀、借用糾紛等事情,本會概不負責。
  11. 營隊開始前一週,家長將會收到課前通知、活動內容與各項需知通知單。