Immediate Disaster Relief

Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, wildfires… natural disasters are unavoidable, and no one can truly prepare. With man-made disasters, such as explosions, industrial accidents, infrastructure failures and so, despite our best intentions, such catastrophes occur. We provide immediate disaster relief within hours, distributing emergency supplies and cash cards of between $200-$600 per family. We also bring a listening ear, a warm hug and loving spiritual support to help victims retain their dignity in extremely difficult situations. Imagine someone who lost everything, and even people they love: See how your contribution will help turn that tragic moment of utter despair to one where renewed hope arises. 

Tzu Chi USA’s disaster relief isn’t just short term. We stay for the long haul and provide mid-term and long-term relief. We help communities fully recover, making sure they regain water and power supply. We supply necessary material goods and transitional housing as well as temporary classrooms. Your donation will help those in devastated regions return to a normal life more quickly. 

Care Recipient & Home Visits

Life is uncertain, and tragedy or unexpected circumstances can put a family in turmoil, and threaten their material survival. Tzu Chi USA provides financial aid to individual care recipients in difficult situations. We give between $300-$600 on a one-time basis, or monthly for an extended period of time depending on the case. Your generosity will give direct relief to an individual or family in crisis.