For kids from disadvantaged backgrounds, essential school supplies like stationary and uniforms can be hard to obtain. Tzu Chi partners with schools in underprivileged neighborhoods to provide such items. Each August before the semester starts, our “Back to School” program hosts a distribution service that even offers things like proper shoes! Every kid in America should have what he or she needs for school, and your donation will help those that could get left behind.



A college education is expensive and a privilege denied to many students from low-income families, who struggle to just put food on the table. In 2014, our $1,000 scholarships helped deserving students break the cycle of poverty with the promise of livable wages after graduation. Please consider increasing your donation, to make even more life-changing scholarships possible.

“I never knew about Tzu Chi before I got the scholarship…Ever since I’ve joined Tzu Chi, I’ve seen many changes in myself. ”

- Urgyen Dolma, Tzu Chi scholarship recipient