Tzu Chi Relief is Love

Join hands with us to send endless ripples of love to those suffering after disasters around the globe. Catastrophes struck without end this year, and Tzu Chi Relief volunteers have been providing disaster relief with compassion and great care. By signing up for monthly donations, you can join us in offering hope to replace despair.



Tzu Chi Relief is Love

We have been providing disaster relief with compassion and care as catastrophes struck without end this year. You can join us in offering hope to replace despair through monthly giving.

Wherever we go, the spirit of love we bring inspires people to help each other with solidarity.

We Are Always at the Ready

Disasters can strike anyone, anytime, anywhere, and Tzu Chi Relief is always at the ready to provide disaster aid that helps alleviate suffering. We’re the first to arrive and as we connect with those we serve, we soon become one family. From emergency relief to mid- and long-term charity support, we send continuous ripples of love while the families and communities impacted by catastrophes walk the long and difficult road to full recovery.

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Our disaster assessment teams will travel to reach the hardest-hit areas as quickly as possible.

Mexico Earthquake Disaster Relief

We are providing extensive earthquake disaster relief in Mexico, where large-scale distributions have benefited over 10,000 families. The massive magnitude-7.1 earthquake that struck on September 19, 2017, rattled the nation. Our volunteers mobilized swiftly to bring their love and emergency support and began a thorough disaster assessment in the hardest-hit areas.

During the initial assessment, we met a local community leader, Trinidad Jardines, who was so inspired by what Tzu Chi does, that she volunteered to join our team. She dedicated her time and energy to introduce us to local communities, and since then more and more local volunteers got involved in the Mexico earthquake disaster relief mission.   

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California Wildfire Disaster Relief

Our disaster relief in Northern California started immediately after a series of wildfires ignited during the night of October 8, 2017. The fires would blaze dangerously out of control for days, destroying thousands of acres and homes. Our mission began by offering meals and blankets for evacuees, and collaborating with the American Red Cross to set-up shelters.

We also supported exhausted first-responders, providing our foldable multipurpose beds so they could find a moment’s rest at the forefront of battling the raging infernos, or back at their stations. The financial aid provided during this disaster aid mission helped families forced to rise up from the ashes to rebuild their lives, sending ripples of relief where needed.

We are now monitoring the wildfire outbreak that began in December in Southern California, and will mobilize aid.

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The suffering of those who lost everything is searing, and we know emotional relief is vital.

The road to full recovery is long and hard, but knowing we are here to help restores hope.

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

We provided over $7 million in disaster aid after Hurricane Harvey, benefitting more than 12,000 families, comprising over 35,000 Texas residents who were affected. A total of 1,500 volunteers from around the world were part of this mission, feeling heartfelt solidarity with those suffering in the aftermath of one of the worst weather disasters in U.S. history, the cost of damages estimated to be as high as $180 billion.

Our volunteers made every effort to reach communities that were left behind, and as always, everyone received a personal letter from Master Cheng Yen, Tzu Chi’s founder. Stephanie Palmer read a similar letter after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. When she read the letter from our founder again during our Hurricane Harvey distribution, tears filled her eyes. In her words, what Master Cheng Yen does is “like putting a pebble into the water and watching the ripples go. If you share that love that’s inside then it just passes on and that’s what you all are doing.”

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We reach far and wide to help children within their communities as well as in orphanages.

Humanitarian Aid in Sierra Leone

After a deadly mudslide tore down a hillside on the outskirts of Freetown and claimed the lives of over 400 people in August, 2017, our volunteers rushed to offer support there, as well as in other communities where people are in need. Working in collaboration with local partners, we have been providing charity and disaster aid in Sierra Leone since 2014.

Our humanitarian aid in Sierra Leone began post-Ebola: We were the first NGO to offer assistance to all Ebola survivors in the country, providing food staples and items such as shoes and beds. Our aid reaches hunger-prone rural areas, vulnerable communities, orphanages, and other charity institutions.

Our disaster aid in the U.S. in 2017 included Hurricane Irma relief …




Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief

We provided $386,000 in disaster aid in Florida following Hurricane Irma. The storm came fast on the heels of Hurricane Harvey which had just wreaked havoc in Texas, and the nation was weary and in shock as Irma approached, having been labelled the most powerful Atlantic storm since the record-breaking strength of Hurricane Wilma in 2005.

The damage caused by the hurricane was severe, yet the state was also mourning the death of 82 people who died in storm-related accidents. Our disaster relief brought more than financial aid, as our volunteers were there to ease people’s emotional stress too. In hard-hit Immokalee, Everglades City, and Naples, 3,568 local residents benefited from our disaster aid distributions.  

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Many people have to start again from scratch. Knowing others care is vital to their recovery.

The rice we provide makes a huge difference for families struggling to put food on the table.

Long-Term Disaster Relief in Haiti

Our long-term disaster relief in Haiti provided distributions of rice and more in April and June, helping communities still struggling to recover after the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew in 2016. We first offered aid here after Hurricane Georges in 1998 and continued since then, with relief after the earthquake in 2010 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Today, our commitment to provide humanitarian aid in Haiti is still ongoing and steadfast. We’re currently addressing the persistent demand for food, particularly in rural areas where Hurricane Matthew heavily impacted agriculture.

Our disaster relief in Ecuador is also ongoing and long-term …




Eager to help one another, thousands joined our Cash-For-Relief program after the floods.

Continuing Disaster Aid in Ecuador

Many of the same communities affected by the earthquake in April 2016, endured severe flooding in April this year. We quickly reinstated our Cash-For-Relief program that was of such benefit after the earthquake, and soon, everyone joined together with solidarity to clean up the sludge and thick mud that caked their homes and streets, and start the recovery process.

Our aid sends ripples of hope that give communities the strength to move forward even if the road to full recovery is tough and long. It makes people understand the deep meaning of  paying it forward. When Hurricane Harvey struck Texas, people who were blessed by our disaster relief work in Ecuador donated to the Harvey relief mission, passing on the blessing to people in need and triggering more and more ripples of love.

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Witnessing the extent of flood damage is heartbreaking, and we aim to bring aid without delay.

Silicon Valley Flood Relief

San Jose was impacted by severe flooding in February 2017. After years of drought in California, the rain that finally came in March descended with such ferocity that it caused the worst flooding in a hundred years in the Silicon Valley. Residents had little warning of an approaching disaster, and over 14,000 people were evacuated with haste.

Our disaster relief response provided $145,000 in financial aid, helping 1,750 individuals completely caught off guard begin to recover. This catastrophe shows precisely why we can never predict the future and misfortune can strike at any moment, so we must always be prepared to help those in need.

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Your Support Helps Us Do More

Catastrophes occurred back to back in 2017, and we provided fast and ample emergency aid that will continue with mid- and long-term assistance in many cases. To continue our disaster relief mission, we depend on your generous support. Join Hands with Tzu Chi Relief.

By signing up for monthly donations, you can offer relief to those suffering after disasters around the globe, shining the light of love and hope that banishes insecurity and despair. Let’s help those in need together, and let them know that they can count on us, because we’re family.





Join hands with us to send endless ripples of love to those suffering after disasters around the globe.