Kids are powerless when it comes to changing their circumstances, but we’re there for them. Our Happy Campus Program gives school kids a backpack full of food for the weekend, which they return and refill weekly. Imagine how for just $25, five kids will have satisfied tummies per week. In 2014, Tzu Chi USA gave out 50,000 backpacks of food! Let’s increase those numbers, and keep our kids happy and fed.



For disadvantaged families, making ends meet is a struggle, and a lack of food on the table is the consequence for many. On top of which, fresh fruits and vegetables are a luxury. Our food pantries make a tangible and healthy difference. Your donation will help more than 10,000 families put food on the table per year! Help us establish more food pantries in different cities, because hunger isn’t something any family should face.





For the homeless, life is a daily battle to survive. The hot meals we offer can be a beacon of hope for people caught in unfortunate conditions. As you enjoy a meal, imagine how your $25 donation will help bring nourishment to over 60,000 people per year. Life on the street is tough enough, so let’s work together to at least diminish the hardship of hunger that so many endure.

 “Hunger is very painful, so knowing that you’ve relieved that suffering is really rewarding... It's worth helping them but at the same time they're helping us.”

- Chris Grimyser, Volunteer