Tzu Chi Scholars application for continuing undergraduate students

Select the type of financial document that will be uploaded in the next field.
**Please black out all Social Security Numbers on all of the financial documents for security purpose. 

Financial Documents * (Examples of IRS Tax Documents)
Please upload scanned copy of the financial document that you indicated. Files must be in PDF format under 2MB. 

Please list and briefly describe your involvement. 

An updated autobiography (2 to 5 pages) which focuses on the time period since you began college and explains why you should be awarded another scholarship. Include the following:

  1. Your volunteer experience with Tzu Chi (or another nonprofit organization), and your future plans towards making a difference in your community
  2. Reason for your financial need and how you intend to use this educational scholarship.
  3. Your personal and academic achievements with specific examples
  4. Your academic and career plans with specific goals

*Files must be in PDF format under 2MB.