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Won't Bow Down | 1:11

Won’t Bow Down : Teaser

July 28, 2015



Its 10 years since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, but this town never lost hope. It bounced back, and the inspiring people youll meet in this 6-part series will prove it.

Hurricane Katrina brought New Orleans to its knees, but despite the loss of life and devastation, its people wouldn’t bow down to tragedy. Were coming up, better than other cities. Better than people that havent had tragedies! Thats New Orleans.Meet the musicians, builders, doctors, and families that continue to inspire the nation with their resilience, and make New Orleans the unique place it is.


Producer: Ting Fan
Director: Alan Thompson
Editor: Alan Thompson


Accordion , Big Chief , Big Queen , Brass Music , Bruce Sunpie Barnes , Construction , Crescent City , Disaster , Gina Montana , Habitat For Humanity , Hope , Hurricane Katrina , Indian Red , Katrina10 , Mardi Gras Indians , Music , New Creations Brass Band , New Orleans , Rebuild , Resilience , Second Line Music , Won't Bow Down , Zydeco Music

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